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Welcome to Resolve Physio!

In late 2021, Active Physical Therapy in the Columbus area transitioned under the new branding of Resolve Physio! During this process, John Snyder, who had been managing our Columbus clinics for several years, took over in an ownership capacity. This transition also brought all of our staff together under one roof in the Upper Arlington area.

New name. New location. Same clinicians. Same patient experience.



We will continue to offer one-on-one patient-centered care that will allow us to exceed your rehabilitation and wellness goals. Whether you are looking for physical therapy, personal training, or massage therapy, we are here for you.

Moving forward, this blog will be a space for our physical therapists to share their knowledge with you so that you can keep moving well and moving often. Look for monthly posts related to injury education, management, and prevention strategies.

If it has been awhile and you want to catch up and chat about life or an injury that you need help with, see the button below. Remember, once you are a part of the Resolve Physio family, you are always a part of our family. Do not hesitate to reach out!

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