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Workplace Safety

Workplace Services

Injuries and pain occur. This is a service that puts your employees in the driver seat to address these issues. By providing on-site services, we can eliminate access as a limiting factor in the treatment of acute or chronic pain. 


Early intervention has been found to result in decreased average cost per episode ($3,148 versus $5,841), decreased absent workdays (3.8 versus 7.0 days), decreased restricted workdays (8.1 versus 13.4 days), decreased sick leave (4.5 versus 10.0 days), and increased lifting Capacity (22.0 versus 16.4 lb).

By removing access issues, we can help to make your employees healthier and happier.

What do we offer?


Do on-site services qualify as ‘first aide’?

Yes! Services that can be deemed first aid include:


  • Thorough evaluation of musculoskeletal pain

  • Determination of the ability to continue working

  • Triage performed and, if an injury needs additional attention, proper referrals will be initiated and communicated to safety manager. This allows for employees to only go through the medical system when necessary and allows for more efficient management of their concerns.

  • Apply ergonomic changes, work restriction/modification, provide education on likely source(s) of pain, recommend modified duty

  • Additionally, soft-tissue techniques (massage) are considered ‘first aid’ and can be performed by a physical therapist. Preventative exercises can be provided as well.

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